Southwest Security

Southwest Security

Southwest Security is a large private premier security company which provides armed and unarmed security officers for the protection of various companies, government officials, entertainers, and high profile individuals.Our company specializes in customizing a plan to fit each company's or individual's needs and specifications. We provide maximum security and peace of mind to our clients with the utmost discretion and accountability. Our officers are very highly trained with excellent qualifications and with backgrounds in military service, police force, CIA intelligence service, and homeland security.

Additionally our company provides investigations for marital and infidelity, bodyguard executive, injury and insurance fraud, and escorting individuals. We have state of the art equipment which allows us to track the perpetrator through a satellite signal located in space. We are a sophisticated and innovated company with many years of experience in providing security and we strive in repeat cliental and assure your satisfaction in our services.

Southwest Security offers 24/7 round the clock protection. You have the choice to have a guard stay at your residence, place of employment, and social functions. We are very discreet and every one of our employees are required to sign an confidentiality agreement upon hire. So rest assure that you and your loved ones will be safe and sound with our security team watching out for you.To get started give us a call and one of our representatives will send a security consultant to meet with you to discuss your safety concerns.



St. Nick's


We cover every industry there is and being that the adult entertainment industry is one of the more problematic industries we take care of both owners of escort services and individual escorts. Our largest escort service client is Las Vegas Escorts based out of Nevada we attend to both the operators of the business and the independent escorts that work with this company for special events thrown by the Las Vegas Escorts.